Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Future Reads #6 (8/31/11)

Back in July, I read G.P. Ching's YA fantasy The Soulkeepers, and it was a very sophisticated, well-written story with wonderful characters. Now, it's time to promote the sequel to the first book The Soulkeepers series, Weaving Destiny, due out Thursday, September 15, 2011.

I also published a review of the first installment (4.5 stars), which you can read here. It's a wonderful YA read that features main characters of diverse cultural backgrounds and ethnicities, which really isn't all that commonly found in YA fiction. And, these characters live amongst the traditional Caucasian/White European descendents that populate the featured small town in Illinois, and consequently suffer from discrimination and learn to triumph over it in their own way.

Check out the series (The Soulkeepers, #1) if you're interested in an immersive read about adorable, charming characters that represent a different breed of heroes and heroines from the norm...

Weaving Destiny (The Soulkeepers, #2)
by G.P. Ching

Release Date: September 15, 2011

Malini Gupta thought Jacob Lau was her destiny, that they were meant to be together. But after months of failing to decipher how she fits into the Soulkeepers, frustration threatens to tear their relationship apart. As does a new Soulkeeper named Mara who is ready to stop time itself to earn Jacob's love.

When Malini faces her worst fears and even death, she learns a funny thing about destiny; nobody said hers couldn't change. The future is a tapestry of choices, and she's about to weave hers.


  1. I'm intrigued by the way you describe the characters...but I'm going to wait until you read these, so you can warn me if there's a love triangle. The blurb makes me wonder. :)

  2. @BJ: There's definitely no love triangle in the 1st book, but I don't know about Book 2. I'll be reviewing it, hopefully, on Sept. 15, if not soon after, so I'll be sure to mention that in my review!


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