Monday, August 1, 2011

Book Haul #9 (8/1/11)

Check out what I got this week!


The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles, #1)
by Kady Cross

Source: purchased the hardcover

Genres: steampunk, paranormal, romance (YA)

I'm so excited I finally got this! I bought it with Wildefire, and because that only came out last week, I had to wait about 2 months to get this book along with it in my order. The ebook prequel made me salivate for this one...

Wildfire (Wildefire, #1) 
by Karsten Knight

Source: purchased the hardcover

Genres: fantasy, mythology (YA)

I've been waiting to buy this book for the past year, since I first discovered Karsten on YouTube. He is so hilarious, I've been trying to keep up with his wacky antics ever since. It's exciting just to finally have this finished novel after all this time...


City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, #1)
by Cassandra Clare

Source: won paperback in a giveaway

Genres: paranormal romance, urban fantasy (YA)

*laughs* I realize I already mentioned getting this book last week in my "Book Haul" post, but that was a library copy. This week, I suddenly won a giveaway hosted by a book blogger, and I got my own copy of this book, too! I hope I do like this series, after all...

by Belle Whittington

Source: review copy

Genres: paranormal, fantasy, romance (YA)

I got this after being invited to review it from, and it looks really interesting. What few reviews are out there for this little self-published title, they are all singing its praises. I also enjoyed the sample I read before accepting the RC, so I look forward to this one, too.

That's what I hauled in this week. What about you all...?


  1. Awesome haul. I loved City of Bones! :D

  2. Nice lineup! The Girl in the Steel Corset is fantastic. Enjoy! :)

  3. @Renu & BJ: Thank you! I hope I love both these novels, as well.

    Have a great day, both of you!


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