Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top Ten Books I Bought Just for the Cover (TTT #4)

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This week's list topic is...


Oh, they can be so sneaky like that, sometimes... Mine are all books I bought for the covers. Titles really don't make me want to buy books. That's just not a thing for me.

1. Dead Iron (Age of Steam, #1) by Devon Monk 
I couldn't resist buying this book because the cover is so ownsome. Hunky steampunk dude on the cover in Western attire, waving around a pistol? Yes, I am a big Clint Eastwood fan, and this just triggered those heartstrings. Is the book good? Well, so far, not so as much as I'd hoped. But, I can hope it gets better.

2. The Alchemy of Stone by Ekaterina Sedia
I fell so in love with this book's cover (featured above), that I went out of my way to get the physical book from a used book store, even though it was an out-of-print edition. The current book's cover is completely different, but worse! I love robots, androids, automatons, especially if they remind me of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. If they somehow manage to have a soul, I'll buy the book. It's a done deal. Even more so if I they're on the cover and they look really neat.

3. Clockwork Angel (The Infernal Devices, #1) by Cassandra Clare
I pretty much bought this book because the cover is gorgeous and has all my favorite colors going on in it. I'm a color person, so I'm drawn to things that are my favorite colors. Thankfully, this ended up being a really good book. Review to come...

4. Dark Mirror (Dark Mirror, #1) by M.J. Putney
This is another pretty cover with all my favorite colors in it, and the Regency attire ropes me in, as well. I haven't read this yet, so I hope I didn't get tricked into a bad book. 

5. Immortal (Immortal, #1) by Gillian Shields
This cover is all blue, watery, and crystally... If you love blue, how can you not love this cover! Gorgeous. I got this as a free MP3 audiobook download during the summer, so I didn't really buy it, but I was drawn to obtaining it because of the cover. Still haven't listened to it yet, either.

6. The Soulkeepers (The Soulkeepers, #1) by G.P. Ching
This had a different cover when I first came across it, but once it changed, so did my motivation to buy it. Fell totally in love with the mysterious, hooded male on the cover, and all the blue-green action going on. It's a great book, and you can read my review of it |here|.

7. Infinity (The Chronicles of Nick, #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I actually borrowed this from the library, but was planning on buying it afterward. But, I didn't like the story enough to follow through. I was drawn to this one because, for some weird reason, I love the cover. It's a good book, but I'll just check the rest out from the library, too. Read my review of this book |here|, if interested.

8. The Kensei (Lawson Vampire Novel, #5) by Jon F. Merz
I adore the cover of this novel, but didn't buy it solely for that reason. I really do love vampires, Japan, and samurai, so I figure this book will be a win-win-win for me all around. I've already read a short story prequel to this novel, which totally rocked! You can read my review |here|.

9. PineLight (PineLight, #1) by Jillian Peery
The premise of this novel sounds really good, but that cover is awesome! It really makes it stand out. Hopefully, I'll like more than just the first few hundred words of this book.

10. The Thirteenth Chime (A Sense of Truth, #1) by Emma Michaels
This cover is beautiful, with the close-up of the pretty green eye. I also really dig the font used on it. This one kept on catching my eye (pun intended!) over time, so when I saw the ebook version reduced in price to only $0.99, I jumped on it. 

So, what books, praytell, are you all guilty of buying for the sheer eye-candyness of it all?


  1. I love all the selections. These covers make me want to buy all of them! Especially, the dark mysterious boys on like half the covers. I really want to read Dark Mirror, it looks really interesting. Eh, so many great selections. Great picks!

    Thanks for commenting on ours! -Ivy

  2. Love all your covers especially The Alchemy of Stone!

  3. Your list really is full of pretty covers. If I wasn't already obsessed with the series, I would have bought Clockwork Angel for the cover alone. I love the London back drop and the gentleman in front. It just draws you in!

    Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves
    P.S. Come check out my blog's first giveaway here

  4. I forgot about infinity. I love that series.
    new follower. :)

  5. I have Clockwork Angel on my list too! Some of the colors were what originally caught my eye with that book.

    My Top Ten: http://hopefaithbooks.blogspot.com/2011/10/top-ten-tuesday-top-ten-books-i-bought.html


  6. Love the cover for Dark Mirror! Going to have to find out a little bit more about that one.

  7. I love all of Cassie Clare's covers. I also love the Dark Mirror cover. Need to check that one out! Great list!

  8. Ohh, I especially love the Alchemy of Love cover! Soooo pretty! Plus, pinelight and dark mirror are just awesome.

    Great picks! :)

  9. Great choices! I chose Immortal based on the cover, too...so pretty. It's a really good book, I hope you enjoy it. I especially like Clockwork Angel and Dark Mirror, too - they're fantastic covers, and both of these are on my TBR list.

  10. Definitely Clockwork Angel. That's gorgeous. I love the Dark Mirror cover too.


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