Friday, January 6, 2012

Follow Friday #3 (1/6/2012)

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 The Question:

Go count the number of unread books on your shelf. 
How many?


Some people are going to groan under the strain of this question, but I really welcome it! I have massive blogger guilt over having so many unread books, and I'm relieved to see now that I don't have as many unread physical books as I imagined. 

But, I do have MANY more books on my Kindle that I haven't read yet, so this number is not really accurate. If I had to count all of those unread ebooks I have on my Kindle, I'd pass because I'd need a few hours to count them all.


  1. I actually don't think I have that many physical unread books at all. I tend to have a stream of them rather than a big pile sitting around. 54 is pretty good! I've seen som epeople who have over 100. Mind boggling.

  2. Good morning - new follower stopping by on the Friday Follow.

    I'm all for the big stack of old fashioned physical books . . . gives me something to do if I win the lottery, or if civilization breaks down into some post-apocalyptic dystopia. :)

  3. @Lan: Yeah, I'm happy the number isn't as high as I thought it was. It feels like I might be able to actually get a lot of them read this year.

    @Bob: That's great! It can be comforting to have those real books around--I get that.

  4. mine is huge ^-^
    njoy when u hav the chance 2 read


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