Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Quick Bookish Survey

This is something I saw on The Broke and the Bookish blog, and they invited others to participate, too. I figured that'd be fun, since I've got not much to blog about for the time being.

Do it if you feel like you're getting the midweek blogging sag...

The book I'm currently reading: 

Finally! I'm reading Kevin Hearne's Hounded, which is so funny and lovable and fantastic. Atticus is like no other hero, even if he's not your typical Puritanical American hero-type. But, hey, he's an ancient Druid. They were no Puritans. And, Oberon... Wow. What an amazingly cute dog. I want to squish him forever. Can I have your dog, Addy? If you don't want him anymore, that is... (Yeah, right. That'll happen.)

The last book I finished: 

I won't say too much about this one because I will be reviewing it on my blog here, but I will say that it took quite a bit of effort to finish this one, and it was only 226 pages long. You interpret that however you want to.... <whistles>

The next book I want to read: 

I bought this recently because my mom likes this series more than I do, and she really wanted to borrow it. Of course, I like this series, too, so I want to get into before too long. She said it was really exciting compared to the first one...

The last book I bought: 

The most recent book I purchased was Samantha Young's Blood Will Tell for my Kindle. Can you even NOT look at this cover?! Lord have mercy... I nearly paid 9 times as much for this book (it's a 99-cent indie) just to have the paperback with this amazingly, craze-balls hot guy on the cover! But, since he looks like he'll burn my house down if I so much as breathe wrong, I decided to stick with the ebook version. (There is no cover in that doc.)

The last book I was given: 

Technically, I was gifted this book by the author because she saw that I had it on my wishlist. How sweet of her! I really need to read it soon because it's so short--how could I not get to it right away? This was the last book someone gave me, although Andrea @ The Bookish Babes is giving me an ARC of a graphic novel she has already read and reviewed. But, this is past tense, and, if I'm remembering correctly, I'm sure this was the most recent book I was given.  


  1. Okay, Hounded looks great, plus I LOVE the name Atticus.
    I hope Crossed is more exciting than Matched, b/c I did like the characters, but the books was sort of slow.
    The dude on the cover of Blood Will Tell, sort of reminds me of Jonathan Rhys-Myers, and that is a total score!
    Great list!

  2. @Andrea: Hounded is really funny. I'm really liking it! And, the guy on the cover of Blood Will Tell does sort of look like J. Rhys-Myers. Just hot!

  3. I have been meaning to read Hounded for the longest time. Chiefly because the names are so cool. I mean Atticus AND Oberon? There is just no other way to describe awesomeness. I'm not sure about reading Ally Cordie's books. I've heard some not so good reviews and my tolerance of YA love is very low at the moment!

  4. @Lan: I know, right? Atticus and Oberon have the coolest names, plus they are really cool characters. The book is just funny, plain and simple. And, if you can't stomach anymore YA love, then you probably shouldn't read Matched. It's heavy on that sort of thing.

    @Mindy: Thanks!

  5. Agreed. The guy on Blood Will Tell is just lovely. :P

    This is a cute survey, though! I think I'll use it on my blog. Thanks much!

  6. @Jennifer: He is! Glad you like the survey, although I can't take credit for it.


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