Friday, July 22, 2011

Book Blogger Hop #3 (7/22/11)

"Book Blogger Hop" is a book blogger meme hosted by Jen @ Crazy-For-Books.

This week's question:

What’s the ONE GENRE that you wish you could get into, but just can’t?

 My answer:

I would have to say just regular contemporary fiction without any fantasy, sci-fi, or paranormal elements. Just total realism-type fiction. It's not that I'm saying I never read books like this. I actually loved Mindi Scott's Freefall and Lucy Christopher's Stolen. I am a huge fan of Jane Austen who wrote completely realistic fiction for her time, which is like historical Regency fiction for us today.

But, there's something about reading about some woman's nasty divorce, or some high school girl's low self-esteem that can turn me off to the story if I'm not loving the characters, or drawn in by a unique premise. I just want to read fiction that takes me AWAY from the realistic stuff that happens in sucky everyday life.

I do completely admire anyone who loves to read the realistic stuff that deals with the nitty-gritty sucky stuff of life. I wish I could get into this genre for more than just the few most stand-out titles, but, I simply can't make my brain like it enough.


  1. Hey Cathy,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

    I've tried Ilona Andrews and a couple of other urban fantasy authors in an attempt at getting into the contemporary our-world stuff, but I always drift back to high fantasy and science fiction. I'm just more interested in stories set in far off places rather than LA or Atlanta. :P

  2. Lindsay - Hello! You're welcome, and thank you for commenting on my blog...

    I totally get that. I do like that, also, when the world-building is done really well in a fictional world. I think I like that idea of something unusual and magical happening in my world, or that which is familiar to me a bit more. But, I love anything set in Japan!

  3. Hi Cathy,
    For me, contemporary fiction is something I might read. Most likely I won't read it but there have been a few that I did enjoy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good answer. I guess I am kind of like that too...I like a little horror/fantasy/sci-fi with my fiction.

  5. @ Robyn & Gwenny - Thanks, both of you, for commenting on my blog post! Have a great weekend...


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